Our Team

Maria Velasquez, MPA

Founder & CEO.

Maria Velasquez is the founder
and principal consultant for V&N Consulting Services, LLC. Ms.
Velasquez serves myriad industries including child welfare and social
services, healthcare, education, nonprofit and local government. She is
passionate about helping organizations implement sustainable
processes and practices that meet their intended outcomes and address
systemic and individual disproportionalities.

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Santiago Muriel

Director of Operations.

Santiago Muriel Bedoya is the current director of operations at V&N Consulting services, LLC. Mr. Muriel is committed to serving and supporting the community through his work with V&N consulting services. Santiago has +4 years of experience in working and supporting the community as systems administrator, in a company that is an expert in serving Hispanic clients seeking future stability in the USA.

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Our Thought Partners

Andrea Gómez

Thought Partner / Consultant.

Andrea Gomez is a seasoned consultant with expertise in project management, marketing, diversity, and inclusion. She currently serves as the Program Associate Consultant for the Festival of the Diaspora (FOTD), a prestigious global event that celebrates and promotes cultural diversity while connecting diaspora communities worldwide. 

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Braulio Rojas

Thought Partner / Consultant.

V&N Senior Consultant Braulio Rojas is a Penn State graduate in the fields of History and Social Anthropology. In addition to his long track record in the United States, Braulio was born and raised in Santiago Chile and holds a master’s degree in Marketing and Business from Universidad Mayor, Santiago Chile. Braulio and his family are based in Santiago, Chile where he has spent the last 8 years working in the business development, sales and B2B Marketing space supporting global entities to enter the Chilean market.

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David Roa

Thought Partner / Consultant.

David Roa is an International Business Developer Consultant based in Canada and Latin America. Mr. Roa serves those in the International Trading industry who want to expand their foreign reach with B2B marketing intelligence.

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Our Co-Conspirators

Whitney Buchmann

Whitney Buchmann is a Social Impact Consultant collaborating for equitable, inclusive, thriving communities. Through Illustra Impact, she partners with leaders in developing purposeful strategies, systems, and cultures that foster sustainable change.

Linda Lopez

Dr. Linda Lopez is a social scientist by training (trained as a political  scientist) and has more than 20 years of experience in government, foundation, and non-profit management. Dr. Lopez has extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative evaluations, landscape analysis and policy background. She is the founder of Impact Strategies, a women owned, and Latina owned consulting firm that provides counsel to nonprofits and foundations on policy, strategy, and research and analysis.

Gilad Tanay

Founder and Chairperson of ERI Institute (www.eri-institute.com). ERI is a research and consultancy firm specializing in social impact. ERI’s blend of cutting-edge research and daring strategic insight shapes the way government, philanthropy and businesses think about and solve complex social challenges. Prior to founding ERI, Gilad co-founded and was the US director of ASAP, an international NGO in the field of alleviating global poverty and served as a fellow and lecturer the the Global Justice Center at Yale University.