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We partner with the brightest minds

V&N includes like-minded professionals with experience in human-centered design, Diversity DEI, project management, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, public policy, International Business Development, User Experience and Design, Information Technology, Translations and more. 

We have years of experience

Capacity building and facilitation, Child Welfare and Social Services, Complex Health and Social Needs, Racial Ethnic Equity and Inclusion, Policy, Change Management, Organizational Dynamics, Communications, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Technical Assistance and Subject Matter Expertise. 

Our values

At V&N we move at the speed of trust. We believe in revolutionizing industries by bringing thought partnership that is disruptive and innovative. We are co-designers with a unique cultural and community awareness. We truly believe that there should be nothing about us without us! 


Strategic planning

At V&N we work with your company/organization to meet all of your strategic planning goals. From inception to implementation, we aim to support you in envisioning the impact you wish to have. We co-design processes with you to best meet your needs and outcomes. 

Management consulting 

Vision, Mission, Strategic Pillars, KPIs, etc 

Theory of Change 

Process improvements 

Change management 

Start up/nonprofit planning and design 

Sustainability and development 

Asset Mapping 

Training & facilitation

At V&N we take pride in our skillset as facilitators, moderators, and group navigators. We have deep global expertise in facilitating workshops, trainings, conferences, and experiences in a myriad of topics. 

Organizational Development 

Racial Ethnic Equity and Inclusion 



Communications and Team Building 


Business development strategy

At V&N we have a diverse group of thought partners whose goal is to not only help strategize your vision but also to image the implementation and subsequent success of your endeavor. 

Landscape/Market Analysis 

International Trade/B2b Marketing Strategy 

User Experience, Tool Building and Design 


Community Organizing 

Development/Fundraising Strategy 

Project Management 

Subject matter expertise

At V&N Consulting we are not only able to provide macro level strategic support, but we also have a diverse group of consultants/thought partners who are able to provide direct subject matter expertise and technical expertise. 

Child Welfare and Social Services 

Social Determinants of Health 

Global and Public Health 

Complex Health and Social Needs 

Social impact and responsibility 

International Trade and B2B Marketing 

User Experience (UX) and Design 

Public Policy and Gender-Based Violence Policy 

Computer and Network Security/Technology and Programming 

Community Engagement and Population Health 

Our philosophy

Years ago, while working at a youth venture organization funded by Ashoka, I listened to Bill Drayton talk about his vision and definition for social entrepreneurship. It was at that moment, working as a Director of International Programs for a global diabetes organization, that I realized my professional goal and purpose.

As Bill said, "Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry." This goal and purpose of revolutionizing the social service and healthcare industries in which I have worked in for the last decade, is the reason behind V&N Consulting Services, LLC.

As I see it, the only way to revolutionize industries is to expand the social contracts in which we have engaged in for centuries and incorporate voices and leaders formerly excluded. As a Colombian, a woman and an immigrant, it is imperative for me to have a dedicated emphasis on racial and ethnic equity and inclusion and a long history of working in advocacy of Latinx communities and vulnerable populations.

Originally funded to deliver subject expertise and thought partnership to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, V&N Consulting Services has expanded servicing myriad industries including child welfare and social services, health care, nonprofit and local government for nearly a decade.

Our Clients

What our clients say

Don’t just take our word for it

I’ve known Maria for a few years, first as an Accion Colombia consultant and also for her leadership in our community. When I was searching for a great business and nonprofit consultant, Accion Colombia recommended Maria to me. Without a doubt, I was so happy to be able to hire and connect with her because she is an excellent human being with high standards, values, talents and skills that make her the best consultant ever. Since working with her our projects are now on the rise! She gave me the best advice in order to solidify our mission, vision and purpose. If you are looking to bring your company, project or idea to the next level, Maria, her company, and her team are your best choice. 


Lili Daliessio Designs, LLC

Maria is a highly skilled professional with deep expertise in supporting organizations to deliver on their missions, build their capacity, and achieve their objectives She does this through insight, knowledge, and long track record of relationship management and engagement, and strong project management. She is as strategic as she is tactical -- pragmatic about envisioning, planning towards, implementing and achieving success. 

Antoinette Malveaux 

Managing Director at Casey Family Programs 

Maria’s combination of critical thinking skills, knowledge, real world experience, and solution-focused attitude yield high quality results whatever the assignment. Her passion, nimble approach, responsiveness, and kindness make her the team member with whom everyone wants to work. Don’t hesitate to engage her services….Maria would be an asset to any organization.

Maureen Heffernan

Child Welfare Consultant

Drop by our new office in the heart of Medellin

V&N Consulting services is a global social enterprise. To that end, we have opened a sattelite office in the heart of Latin America's most innovative city. Visit us at Casa Innovation in Medellin.

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Meet the crew

Maria Velasquez, MPA 

Founder & CEO

Maria Velasquez is the founder and principal consultant for V&N Consulting Services, LLC. Ms. Velasquez serves myriad industries including child welfare and social services, healthcare, education, nonprofit and local government. She is passionate about helping organizations implement sustainable processes and practices that meet their intended outcomes and address systemic and individual disproportionalities.

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Santiago Muriel

Director of Operations

Santiago Muriel Bedoya is the current director of operations at V&N Consulting services, LLC. Mr. Muriel is committed to serving and supporting the community through his work with V&N consulting services. Santiago has +4 years of experience in working and supporting the community as systems administrator, in a company that is an expert in serving Hispanic clients seeking future stability in the USA.

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Juan Miguel Elejalde  

Lead Strategist / Consultant

Juan Miguel Elejalde García is a licensed Chemical Engineer with 5+ years of experience in highly technical interpretation and translation between Japanese, Spanish, and English in multiple fields.

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David Roa

Thought Partner / Consultant 

David Roa is an International Business Developer Consultant based in Canada and Latin America. Mr. Roa serves those in the International Trading industry who want to expand their foreign reach with B2B marketing intelligence.

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Gladys Antelo

Thought Partner / Consultant 

Gladys Antelo-Allen is a Licensed Practical Nurse in the state of New Jersey who brings a decade's worth of experience in the healthcare and social services field with roles ranging in care management as a Nurse Care Coordinator working within the Population Health realm, to a Senior Program Manager within a social service non profit organization. 

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Emily Wasuna

Thought Partner / Consultant 

Emily Wasuna is a project manager with experience working complex healthcare and public policy. Emily works alongside subject matter experts to project manage the development of a curriculum suite, technical assistance engagements, help coordinate logistics and provide operational support for teaching and training efforts with local and national partners.
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CHCI Issue Summits

Get friends who look and speak like you're invited.
Grow in numbers and representation. Expand the social contracts we’ve engaged in for centuries that made it, so our people couldn’t be at the table to begin with. Beyond honored and excited over @chcidc and their invitation to speak with amazing co-panelists to not only inspire but also help educate our future Hispanic leaders!

HIP Conference 2022

Beyond grateful, humbled and honored to have spent time with such amazing human beings at t Miami! I will continue to say that if we want solutions that will truly meet our community’s needs, we must make sure that we’re at the table. I heard a strong quote this week that truly resonated with me:
“If you’re not at the table, chances are you’re on the menu!”