Words can’t describe the joy

Getting the Compensation You Deserve!

Words Can’t Describe The Joy

Words can’t describe the joy, gratitude and commitment I feel in supporting this effort! When Cordell Carter, Esq. asked us to support and lead their digital competition through Casa Innovation for Afro Colombian Entrepreneurs on the cusp of scaling, sponsored by Black Ambition and Expectant Advisory, LLC we were over the moon!

Not only do we get to join and support FOTD2023 that is in my beautiful home country this year (Cartagena), but we also get to accompany, support and elevate the 5 finalists of the competition who will be awarded part of the $20,000 USD prize at the festival!

Additionally, we at Casa Innovation have worked hard to be able to offer a monetary incentive to each of the 5 deserving and qualified semi finalists so that they may join the festival and gain from its wonderful offerings.

THIS is what motivates me to keep going! Powerful collaborations with co-conspirators like Dr. Linda Lopez Cordell Carter, Esq. Sandra Mosquera Vargas, MBA Natalia Velasquez Lopera LINA GOMEZ Santiago Muriel Bedoya who remind me daily that we are here to leave a positive footprint! Thanks to my amazing business partners for co-creating Casa Innovation to be able to create magic! (Michael Hayles Andrea van der Leeuw Alex Hollander )

Beyond grateful, humbled and committed to keep fighting the good fight!

See you in Cartagena!